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xR training allows learners to become familiar with industry relevant risks and company procedures in a simulated environment, empowering the learning process through a step-by-step guide in handling mishap events and the potential consequences for not complying with standard procedures. Learners are now able to be placed in real life scenarios and simulate situations which can not be taught by conventual training. Immediate assessment coupled with constructive feedback is instantly provided to the users allowing critical skill retention and achieving maximal positive training outcomes. Immersive learning is the right tool to overall increase efficiency, productivity and workplace safety for future growth.

We build xR training for:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Hazard Identification
  • Operation and Assembly of Equiptment
  • Company Procedures
  • Soft Skills
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The use of spatial computing for the management of emergency command and response situations provides the response team with important situational awareness and the best level of support. This state-of-the art technology allows an emergency command center to provide the onsite team with accurate information and guidance by overlaying critical information via AR headsets. The visibility for the responder will be unique for the location and the emergency situation, showing dangers such as power supplies, gas lines, fire hot spots and escape routes. On-site responders can now react precisely and safely, achieving the most desirable outcome by minimizing damage and increasing survival rates.

xR simulations have become important and efficient tools to prepare learners in their response to real live emergency situations. Training scenarios can be tor situations involving the general public such as natural disasters or terrorist attack (e.g. explosion in the MRT) and the responders to these situations. The training can also be for workplace specific hazards and emergencies, such as fires and chemical spills. ×R emergency response training allows learners to be placed in lifelike situations without putting them in any danger. The technology prepares and trains large numbers of people at once and reduces the cost of large training centers, use of actors and equipment required to make the training realistic.

SeeWorthy has provided a mixed reality emergency command solution which uses IoT for the tracking of emergency services and casualties during forest fires. This technology can be adopted to any kind of emergency situation.

We build R emergency command and response applications, including training for:

  • Natural disasters (e.g. forest fires, floods, earth quakes)
  • Terrorist attack (e.g. shootings, gas attack, hijacking)
  • Medical distress (e.g. suicide, serious injury or heart attack)
  • Workplace specific hazards and emergencies
  • Crowd control during large protests
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xR is the best marketing tool to stand out and provide a unique immersive experience at your trade or expo booth. You can allow visitors to experience all aspects of your product in a close to real life environment. A neuroscientist based research study showed that having tailored ×R content available in a trade show booth resulted in a 34% increase of engagement by visitors of the booth. The visitor can interact with the product in a virtual environment, which has proven to leave a bigger impression than the traditional marketing tools. Where the tradeshow is online we also build complete virtual booths.

Our xR marketing solutions are custom built products which can be used for client meetings, remote site visits and retail solutions where users can try on products using augmented reality.

We build xR Solutions for:

  • Virtual Tradeshow Booths
  • Augmented Applications in Tradeshow Booth
  • Client Meetings
  • Virtual Site Visits
  • Museums
  • AR Retail Applications
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A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical product. With our digital twin service we use xR to build a virtual representation of all components in a product or an environment and its dynamics throughout the lifecycle. This cycle starts with the design phase, followed by the building phase and the performance of the final product. By using Digital Twin technology, processes can be improved and simulations can be run before the product is built, reducing time and cost of the production and product reliability. The Digital Twin can predict and monitor wear and tear and predict required maintenance.

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Mixed Reality is all about merging virtual content with the real world in an interactive, immersive way. In Mixed Reality, virtual objects appear as a natural part of the real world, occluding behind real objects. Real objects can also influence the shadows and lighting of virtual elements.

Mixed Reality gives the ability to see yourself and interact with your colleagues while (for example) designing a virtual object or environment. For Mixed Reality to be valuable for professionals, it has to be convincing - blending real and virtual content to the point that it's impossible to tell where reality ends and the virtual world begins.

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Augmented Reality (AR) means that the user is experiencing the real reality while certain virtual elements are projected onto it.

We build holographic images using a combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to develop three dimensional presentations of an object or a person. These holograms can be interacted with through wearables devices, providing a unique interactive experience. Our holography service can be used to project and interact with a product or to capture memories.

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Virtual Reality means replacing the reality you see around you entirely with computer-generated 3D content. With head-mounted displays for VR, also known as VR headsets, you're completely immersed in the virtual simulation.

We use spatial computing technology to design and built simulated environments. Users of our VR simulations will be immersed in a world which reflects the real world or in a newly created reality. In our designs we can make use of vision, hearing, touch and even smell to create an unforgettable experience.

In this fast developing industry we can offer a selection of a multiplicity of hardware and software options to meet our clients requirements and expectations. Depending on the device, you can also interact with virtual elements using your hands or with your eyes. VR headsets can be tethered to a PC, enabling a more powerful graphical experience. Alternatively, VR headsets can be untethered in remote locations without internet access, which lowers the visual quality but allows the user to move around freely without wires. Where internet connectivity is strong enough, VR headsets can be untethered for full range of movement by the user as the VR experience is streamed from remove servers.

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360 degree video and virtual reality provide a unique combination, allowing the user to be immersed in the content and to interact by experiencing what is happening around them in all directions.

360 video content can be produced for both entertainment and training purposes. For training simulations, the learner can experience actual emergency situations from the view of an experienced responder without putting themselves in danger.

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SeeWorthy is dedicated to meeting the demand for Spatial Computing solutions for businesses. We are experts in the development of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, working together with industry experts who understand your business to create the most realistic environments and scenarios.

The company was founded in 2021 in Singapore. Within the management team is an award winning Silicon Valley veteran with over 20 years design experience, developing web, mobile, enterprise and spatial computing solutions. The management team further comprises of extensive industrial training, management and consultancy experience.

Our products are built by a dedicated team of xR designers and developers. Subject matter experts are used to support our designers and ensure that our products meet a close virtual replication of the real world.


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